Google September 2022 Product Review Algorithm Update Rolling Out Now


Google September 2022 Product Review Algorithm Update Rolling Out Now

Google begins rolling out the September 2022 product review algorithm update.

September 2022 product reviews update – What To expect?

September 2022 product reviews update has been announced by Google just a few hours ago, and already we have started to see shifts in rankings.

I predict this is going to be a major update for quite a few reasons. While it may start by targeting English-language websites offering product reviews, it will soon fan out to cover websites in other languages.

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Google Core & Product Reviews Update Done, Local Search Ranking Bug Fixed, Search On Event Recap

Google has finished rolling out both the September 2022 core update and product reviews update on Monday, September 26th – yes, there is a lot of confusion. Google fixed a bug with the local search rankings and service area businesses. Google had its big Search On event, I recap most of it. Google product review updates do get periodic updates that may not be announced. Google said if you don’t know if your content is written expertly, then it probably is not. Google said there is no percentage of measurement for duplicate content. Google really wants you to avoid changing URLs just for SEO reasons. Google said page speed issues won’t lead to a site being removed from Google Search. Google is testing the Google Search Cookbook. Google Search talks about when a brand outranks the generic meaning of the word. Google is testing a more like this search feature. Bing is testing traffic analysis in the search results. Microsoft Bing is also testing a web label. Google Ads continues to suffer from latency issues. Google Local Service ads dropped the license number from the listings. Google’s John Mueller now is offering to review parts of your public presentation for accuracy. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

0:00 – Introduction
1:09 – Google September Core & Product Reviews Updates Both Finished Rolling Out On September 26th :
3:34 – Google Local Search Ranking Bug Fix Rolling Out :
4:05 – All The Google Announcements From Search On 2022 :
7:30 – Google Product Review Updates Still Get Periodic Updates That Google May Not Announce :
7:47 – Google: If You Don’t Know If Your Content Expertly Written, Then It Is Not :
8:05 – Google: There Is No Percentage To Measure Duplicate Content :
8:25 – Google Really Wants You To Avoid Changing URLs Just For SEO Reasons :
9:33 – Google: Page Speed Issues Woudn’t Lead To Your Site Being Removed From Google Search :
9:52 – Google Search Cookbook :
10:03 – Google Search: When A Brand Becomes More Popular Than The Meaning Of The Word :
10:57 – Google “More Like This” Star Search Snippet Feature :
11:18 – Bing Tests Traffic Analysis In Search Results Snippets :
11:45 – Bing Tests “Web” Label In Search Result Snippets :
12:00 – Google Ads Continues To Suffer From Latency Issues :
12:27 – Did Google Local Service Ads Remove License Numbers? :
12:25 – Google’s John Mueller Offers To Review Part Of Your Presentation For Accuracy :
13:32 – Conclusion

Google September Core Update 2022 | Google SEO Algorithm Update 2022

Google September Core Update 2022 | Google SEO Algorithm Update 2022 | google seo algorithm update 2022 | google seo algorithm update | google seo algorithm 2022

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Es video me maine google ki september me aayi core update ke baare me batya hai. Janane ke liye ye video last tak jarur dekhe.

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Google Product Reviews Update: The SERP System for Reviews

Google’s algorithm updates have always been focused on ensuring that the users benefit from them. The new Google Product Review Update is no different. It also focuses on bringing up reviews where the product has actually been tried and tested before the review has been put up.

00:00 Introduction
00:27 Focus of the Product Reviews Update
01:13 Who is affected the most by Product Reviews?
02:24 Going with Structured Data and Optimum Quality
02:37 How to increase rankings for your reviews
02:58 Google’s on writing reviews
03:55 Update to the Update

Google knows that people rely on the search engine’s results to make crucial decisions, and is always working to make it better for its users. Also, with the new Double-EAT and the past Helpful Content updates, ensuring that the “right” content reaches users is now more crucial than ever.

However, this Google Algorithm Update focuses solely on Product Reviews created by blogs and Review websites. The most critical element that Google labeled in product reviews is that websites need to experience the product before talking about it.

However, there is loads more about the product review guidelines that we have mentioned in our blog as well, check it out here: &utm_medium=direct &utm_campaign=direct &utm_term=direct

Or, if you’d like to know from Google directly, you can visit this link:

We have a whole playlist on Google Updates, and you can check it out too &list=PLlXmp3vmU8YIPmzvINyjMW71ttvmLqPn3

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7 Local Search Tips for Health Providers to Take Care of Patients


7 Local Search Tips for Health Providers to Take Care of Patients

Patients turn to search to find the health information they need. Learn how to create an effective local search strategy and connect more patients to care.

Autism Spectrum Disorder: 10 things you should know

Professor Andrew Whitehouse leads the Autism Research Team at Telethon Kids Institute, working with children with autism and their families to reduce the disability associated with the disorder.

In this short video he shares his top ten things that everyone should know about autism spectrum disorder.

The Autism Research Team is a research centre at the Telethon Kids Institute. A key aim of the Autism Research Team is to develop new and innovative ways to deliver autism therapy to ensure every child has the very best opportunities in life.

7 Local SEO Tips for Improving Google Maps Rankings

Kyle Eggleston SEO Consultant
Chicago, IL
(630) 492-0509

Google My Business Optimization Tips For Doctors – Improve The Local Search Ranking Of Your Clinic.

Here is the way doctors can properly optimize the Google my business listing of their clinic so that they get better engagement and conversions, as well as higher rankings on local search results.

Go to for more videos and articles on how to grow your medical practice using ethical online marketing.

Healthcare Industry Guide to Local Search Optimization

Local listing is the very first step to local seo. It plays a vital role in building your online presence and online reputation.

A comprehensive guide to local listing for dentists, physicians, individual medical practitioners and hospitals.

In this Vlog, you’ll learn everything about local listings for the healthcare industry.

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How to Write Content Better & Faster: 10 Secrets to Try Now


How to Write Content Better & Faster: 10 Secrets to Try Now

A well-thought-out strategy is important in creating high-quality content fast. Here are 10 tactics, tips, and tools to use.

3 Secrets to Writing Enticing Content and Ads

Messaging is everything as you build your strategies in the arena of online advertising – are your campaigns set-up for success?

WordStream and BuzzSumo have teamed up to tell you everything you need to know to ensure you’re writing your way to conversions in each and every one of your advertising efforts.

You’ll learn:

– Which power words to use to engage by network and industry
– The importance of communicating content topic, type and format
– How to write headlines that gain shares

7 Essential Skills Digital Content Writers Need

What you need to do as a writer is, you need to have concise statements.

How to Write Blog Posts That Consistently Rank Well on Google:

How to Boost Your SEO Traffic with Sleeper Content (And Stop Promoting Worthless Content):

How to Come Up With Content Ideas That Drive Traffic:


So if you’re a writer, you’re writing to either draw more attention in and eventually convert those eyeballs and that attention into leads, customers, right? Google analytics tells you what content they like, what they don’t, what’s causing them to bounce. It won’t explicitly tell you what’s causing them to bounce, but you can make some educational based guess based on the data that they’re providing. It’ll also tell you the type of content that converts the best, the type of content that doesn’t.

So that way, when you’re writing, you can write with the end goal in mind, which is eventually you want to have a conversion, whether that’s someone buying right then and there, or turning into lead, and it’ll provide you that data.

If you continually write and write blindly, and you write based off what people tell you is amazing, do your friends do, that’s all great and fine and dandy, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that what you’re writing is going to convert into revenue.

So there’s over a billion blogs on the internet. That’s roughly one for every seven people. There’s a lot of blogs. The amount of content that’s being pushed out each day is so overwhelming. We don’t really need much more content, everyone’s regurgitate the same information.

If you don’t have a strategy, how are you going to be different? How are you going to stand out? How are you going to convert people? What topics are you going to cover that solve the pinpoints of your customers? If you don’t have a strategy in place and a plan of action, then all you’re going to be doing is producing content that doesn’t really do anything at the end of the day. Even if you think that this is better based off of analytics data, but you don’t have the strategy and how you’re going to attack that, and how you’re going to go forward, then you’re just wasting your time and energy.

So the first step in this strategy is attracting the eyeballs. And what you would want to do is see what’s in your space that’s popular. So there’s a tool called Ubersuggest that I have, and you can use it for free. You can type in a keyword or a phrase and click on when you’re in Ubersuggest you want to go to the content ideas report, it’ll tell you what’s popular based off of social shares, like Facebook and Pinterest.

Search traffic, what ranks well in Google and how much traffic does it get and what keywords is a rank for.

And the third thing is links. What other sites are linking to it because they like the content? So you want to look at the topics and the exact headline that are doing well, and it’ll also show you in the tool, what doesn’t do well. So you want to more so focus on creating content that’s popular on what people like.

Now, you don’t want to just copy that and regurgitate what’s already existing on the web, but you want to do something that’s better than that. Think of skyscrapers. And in the United States we may have the Empire State Building, then you may have someone in Dubai who’s like, ah, we’re going to create the Burj Khalifa, I think was what it’s called. And it’s going to be even taller, it’s going to be double the height. I’m making it up. You’re going to have somebody in China say, we’re going to do triple the height, we’re going to have our buildings go into the clouds.

The point I’m making is, you want your content to stand out and be unique, go above and beyond what people are already doing. because if something’s already popular and have worked well, if you do something that’s double, triple better, you’re much more likely to have your content do really well too.

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How to Write Blog Content Quickly �� Quillbot Vs Jarvis Vs Secret

Here is exactly how to write a blog post fast. Watch this blog content writing tutorial and you will be able to write blog content quickly. Get Quillbot:

Today we’re going to explore how to write blog content quickly without outsourcing. I’ve been utilizing this strategy to write material on my blogs in as low as one hour every article. This is wonderful because it implies that if you follow the methods in my video, you may publish numerous high-quality blogs in a single day.


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Meet Jasper, your AI assistant �� Write amazing content 10X faster with the #1 AI Content Platform

Jasper is the AI Content Platform that helps you and your team break through creative blocks to make amazing, original content 10X faster.

How does it work? ��
Your AI assistant Jasper has consumed the internet, so it knows how to write naturally on any topic.

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Jasper Chat �� Have a natural conversation with AI that feels surprisingly human. Simply ask your friendly AI chatbot to generate ideas, revise your content, and even make you laugh.

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SEO Mode �� Write high-quality blog posts 10X faster inside Jasper documents. Ask your AI assistant to generate outlines, titles, paragraphs, summaries, etc. and then integrate with SurferSEO to discover exactly which keywords you need to include and watch your SEO ranking score grow.

Discover all the amazing things you can do with artificial intelligence to streamline your content workflow at

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—- Chapter Outline —
00:15 – Writer’s block
00:36 – Features
00:40 – Generate ideas for social media
0:53 – Improve message, like customer support email
1:14 – Language translation (29 language)
1:20 – Generate art & images with AI
1:35 – How Jasper works

How to Create a High-Converting Call-to-Action Button: 4 Best Practices


How to Create a High-Converting Call-to-Action Button: 4 Best Practices

Remove the Submit button from your landing page and follow these four best practices for creating call-to-action buttons that get users to convert.

Vlog series: 07 Best Practices to Create Stunning Call To Action Button for Your Online Store!

This week, we will discuss how we can optimize the Call To Action button so that your customers TAKE ACTION. We also continue our Store Review session with Kacey K., an jewelry online store. Enjoy!

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How to Design a CTA That Converts Every Time

Converting customers to purchasing decisions can be tricky. With a well designed call to action, your product or business should be irresistible and provoke interest. In this video, we walk through how to never have a customer turn away with a well designed call-to-action.

Read more about everything UX/UI here:

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5 Tips for Effective Call-To-Action Buttons | #FAQFridays Quick Tip

In today’s #FAQFriday Quick Tip video, you’ll learn 5 tips for effective call-to-action buttons. After all, 55% of visitors spend fewer than 15 seconds on your website. Watch this short video to learn how to convert site visitors into qualified sales leads with effective call-to-action buttons.

5 Tips for Effective Call-To-Action Buttons
Typically found on websites and emails, call-to-action buttons are written prompts used to guide an audience toward a specific action.
You can use call-to-action buttons to effectively convert a website visitor into a lead for your business. This includes online event registration, buying a product, signing up for email subscriptions and more.

Tip #1 Attract Attention
Call-to-action buttons vary in shape, size, style and placement to attract the users’ attention, making the call to action stand out.

Tip #2 Be Inviting
As the name implies, a good call to action should compel the user to click the button. Use short inviting phrases with active verbs.
Say This

Avoid This
Get Started
Buy Now
Learn More
Request My Copy
Order Today
Schedule a Free Consultation

Tip #3 Keep It Short & Sweet
Keep your call to action to as few words as possible.

Tip #4 Create a Sense of Urgency
The feeling that time is running out can encourage website visitors to action.

Tip #5 Emphasize Value
Finally, make sure your audience understands how their life will be improved by what you offer. Stating a clear benefit encourages the user to click.

Follow best practices to ensure your audience takes immediate action. Measure your results to continually optimize call-to-action buttons for the best conversion.

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Call to Action buttons: 6 easy tricks. Website conversion rate optimization examples

������ 3 FREE template ideas for a profitable website:

Your Call to Action button is arguably the most important element on any page of your business website. This element’s goal is to ensure your business website conversion optimization. And to design these Call to Action buttons the right way, you need to know some simple but effective tricks.

In this video I describe my favorite Call to Action examples for the conversion rate optimization of your business website. I also explain that any website needs not only a common Call to Action button, but a well-planned tool that works for website conversion optimization in the long run.

And I also explain which Call to Action examples are trendy right now and how these examples help your business website with conversion rate optimization.

Read our post about Call to Action buttons on our blog:

How to stop losing 50% of your traffic:

Best web design for dirt cheap:

How to develop your web strategy:

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Why Your SEO Keyword Research Needs to Evolve & Focus on Topics


Why Your SEO Keyword Research Needs to Evolve & Focus on Topics

Want to boost your traffic and rankings AND increase your expertise, authority, and trust? Here's why you should focus on topics rather than keywords.

Secrets to Profitable Keyword Research for SEO

Keyword research is essential to a successful SEO campaign because a strategy based on keywords that your target audience isn’t searching for is a complete waste of time.

What you will learn:
1. Understanding search intent and how to utilize it in your keyword strategy
2. Discovering competitor research techniques as it pertains to SEO and how to best apply it to your strategy
3. How to apply your research in the strategy and planning process

Why it’s important:
It is important because keyword research is the foundation of practically any SEO strategy. If it is not done correctly, then the entire SEO strategy will be a huge waste of time and money.

What is Keyword Research in SEO? Importance, Topics & Search Intent – SEO Basics for Beginners

In this tutorial video, part of the SEO Basics for Beginners series, Gerald Murphy offers an overview of how you can do keyword research and why it’s so important for your SEO strategy.

Similarweb’s keyword research tool has loads of keyword datasets that are updated regularly. The platform lets you identify keyword gaps and surface keywords seasonally and internationally across thousands of websites.

– What is keyword research?

Keyword research is looking at the keywords your potential customers will use to find your content.

At the core of that is keyword intent, which refers to the buyer’s journey based on what they are looking for. In other words, keyword intent is what the human searcher will do after they do a search using a keyword on a search engine.

– What is keyword intent?

Keyword intent is split into three categories: awareness, consideration, and decision. Awareness refers to broad terms such as “shoes”. Consideration is later in the buyer’s journey, for example, “running shoes”, which are a bit more specific. Decision is definite and as such, has high search intent. For instance, “best running shoes for flat feet” is a decision keyword, as their searchers know exactly what they want.

It would help if you had a clearly defined keyword research strategy per search engine per search, as search engines do not offer the same types of content. Amazon and YouTube, for example, have very different results than Google.

Watch the video to discover the ins and outs of keyword research and how you can find opportunities to grow your search traffic.

00:00 Intro
00:34 Similarweb’s keyword research tools
01:02 What is keyword research?
01:17 Organizing your keywords into themes and topics
02:30 Keyword intent
02:51 Awareness
03:06 Consideration
03:22 Decision
03:39 Search engine specific strategy
04:32 SERP inspection & Content hubs
05:01 Keyword research example

#seokeywordresearch #seokeywordanalysis

– Watch the whole SEO Basics for Beginners series here:

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• What is Similarweb?

Similarweb brings you the most trusted, comprehensive, and detailed view of the digital world – so you can outperform your competition and win your market. We support thousands of clients ranging from small businesses to global enterprises.

Want to find out how Similarweb can help you grow smarter? Learn more:

• About our business solutions

– Similarweb Digital Research Intelligence – unleash the ultimate business strategy, with the freshest industry trends, competitive performance, and audience behavior insights:
– Similarweb Digital Marketing Intelligence – drive more traffic to your website and boost user acquisition across every marketing channel, with the most accurate web traffic data:
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– Similarweb Investor Intelligence – make better investment decisions, with the best digital alternative data available:

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SEO Keyword Research Tutorial 2023: How to Find the Best Keywords for Your Website

In this video, we will show you how to do SEO keyword research using Google Keyword Planner. Keyword research is a vital aspect of SEO, and it can help you rank higher in search engines and drive more traffic to your website.

First, we’ll explain the difference between short-tail and long-tail keywords. Short-tail keywords are generally one or two words long and have a high search volume. Long-tail keywords are longer phrases and are more specific. While they have lower search volumes, they can be easier to rank for and are more likely to drive targeted traffic to your website.

Next, we’ll walk you through the process of using Google Keyword Planner. We’ll show you how to input your initial keyword ideas, how to analyze the search volume, and how to find related keywords that you may not have thought of.

It’s important to understand search intent when doing keyword research. You want to make sure that the keywords you target match the intent of the user. Are they looking to learn something, buy something, or find information? Understanding the intent will help you create content that matches what the user is searching for.

Finally, we’ll explain the importance of analyzing the SERPs (search engine results pages) for the keywords you’re targeting. By looking at the top-ranking pages, you can get an idea of what type of content is already ranking for those keywords. This will help you create content that is similar but better than what’s already out there.

Overall, keyword research is an essential part of SEO, and using tools like Google Keyword Planner can help you find the right keywords to target. By understanding short-tail and long-tail keywords, search intent, and analyzing the SERPs, you can create content that ranks higher in search engines and drives more traffic to your website.

The Only Keyword Research Tutorial You’ll need for 2023 – With Proof!

This tutorial video will show you how to quickly and easily research the best keywords for your website or blog in 2023. We’ll go through a step-by-step process of keyword research that will help you get more organic traffic, leads, and sales from Google.

Using my favorite keyword research tool SEMrush (the free trial link is below), I’ll show you exactly how to find the best keywords for your website based on your current domain authority score. We’ll look for long-tail keywords that are easy to rank for and have high search volumes so you can get more organic traffic from Google in 2023.

I’ll also provide proof of successful keyword research results with real examples from my sites. You’ll see real-life case studies showing how using the right keywords can get you more organic traffic, leads, and sales from Google.

Plus, I’ll give you tips and tricks to help you research even better keywords for your website or blog from now on into 2023. By the end of this keyword research tutorial, you should have everything you need to start getting more organic traffic and sales from Google in 2023. So let’s get started!

Revolutionize your content creation with ChatGPT for Bloggers – a comprehensive course that helps you harness the power of OpenAI’s language model for better blogging. Don’t miss out, join today at and unlock your true blogging potential!

��This video description contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Free Blogging guide:
JasperAI Writing Tool:
Affiliate Marketing Guide:
Surfer SEO:

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This tutorial is jam-packed with information, including keyword research tips, the importance of keyword research, and the best way to perform keyword research. If you want to succeed in SEO in 2023, this is how to do keyword research for your blog.

Podcasting Starter Guide: 7 Tips for a Successful Podcast


Podcasting Starter Guide: 7 Tips for a Successful Podcast

You might have noticed that podcasts have been popping up like daisies everywhere you turn, and you would be right. Podcasts have never been more popular.

Everyone should start a podcast?!

You decided you want to start a podcast this year… great! Audio content has proven to create more engaged audiences. In this full tutorial, we teach you everything you need to know about podcast production here


How to Record a Podcast for Beginners (5 Easy Tips)

If you don’t know how to record a podcast, then we have 5 Tips that will set your podcast up for success! ****** This video is sponsored by Sign up for 60 minutes free recording:

Some product links are affiliate links which means if you buy something we’ll receive a small commission.

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⏰ Timecodes ⏰
0:00 – How to Record a Podcast for Beginners (5 Easy Tips)
0:31 – If You Are Just Getting Started…
0:43 – If You Want to Host an Interview However…
1:48 – Tip 1 – What You NEED to Record on Your Phone
2:52 – Tip 2 – The More Reliable Way to Record
4:19 – Tip 3 – Our Favorite Way to Record
6:03 – Tip 4 – Great Way to Record on Your Desktop for Free!
6:45 – Tip 5 – The Way WE do it.

Our mission here at Think Media is to help 10,000 purpose driven entrepreneurs go full-time doing what they love and making an impact through the power of video.

Here are the ways to work with us here at Think Media:
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In this video, Omar will share with you his Tips for setting up a podcast for beginners in 2022! You will see the Podcast equipment we use to run a successful podcast.

Disclaimer: Please see the link for our disclaimer policy for all of our videos on the Think Media and Think Media Podcast YouTube channels.

How to Start A Podcast In 2023 – The Ultimate Podcasting Guide

In this clip of Episode 95, David Shands talks to us about his journey in starting his podcast @RealSocialProof . Here is his ultimate podcasting guide on how to start a podcast. *** �� Listen and subscribe to The Podcast:

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More about David Shands:
Since David Shands quit his job at the Cheesecake Factory in 2012, his successful businesses, compelling story and unique teaching style has taken his speaking platform across the country. David Shands has the unique ability to teach complicated subjects like entrepreneurship, marketing, leadership and mental toughness in a way that is being grasped and understood by audiences of all ages of all ages.

About Nicky And Moose The Podcast:
Nicky And Moose The Podcast is a weekly podcast giving you an inside look into the world’s top personal brands & businesses to reveal the blueprint behind their success. Each episode breaks down current marketing trends, as well as relevant topics to extract the business strategies, branding tactics and thought process of your favorite entrepreneurs. So, whether you are looking to grow your personal brand on social media or aim to scale your business in the digital world, your hosts; Nicky Saunders And Mostafa Ghonim will help you walk away with practical steps to take you to the next level!

#podcast #podcasting #davidshands #nickyandmoose #PersonalBranding

Starting a Podcast: Where to start?

Podcasting is a great way to share your knowledge and expertise, but where do you start? ��

Pat Flynn has some tips on how to start your podcasting journey:
1. Understand and figure out what your show is all about.
2. How can you describe your show to others?
3. Figure what title fits your show.
4. Start recording your episodes.
5. Plan your content ahead.
6. Make sure your content is share-worthy.

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Content Refreshing: 4 Steps to Keep Top-Performing Content Fresh


Content Refreshing: 4 Steps to Keep Top-Performing Content Fresh

Is your content slowly dying? Learn a simple step-by-step process to identify opportunities and execute a content refreshing process.

This is the BEST WAY to Repurpose Content for Social Media

Looking for the EASIEST way to repurpose content on social media to increase your reach and increase traffic? Watch for the BEST WAY to repurpose content for social media in less time.

In this video we breakdown, at minimum how you can turn 1 piece of content into 36 pieces of content! That is 1 post to 36 posts by using ninja ways to repurpose content. We’re all about working smarter not harder people. ��

�� We use to transcribe our YouTube videos.

Thanks for watching: This is the BEST WAY to Repurpose Content for Social Media


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‣ 5 Easy Instagram Content Creation Hacks:

‣ New Instagram Updates + Features (Spring 2023):

‣ The secret to GREAT content that gets you more followers, views and engagement on Instagram:


Instagram Growth Tips: &list=PLr0cAjaVapOPKf0fwNCKf437C1gtl8KJB

‣ Do THIS to grow FAST on Instagram in 2023 | Top Instagram Growth Hack:


‣ OUR INSTAGRAM GROWTH ENGAGEMENT ROUTINE: How to Grow Your Instagram Following Organically:

‣ Do THIS on EVERY Post to Increase Your Organic Reach on Instagram:


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We use Ecamm Live for our YouTube Lives + screensharing

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Founded in 2014, High Season Co. is a Social Media Agency designed to help you discover your community, create authentic connections and deliver transformational experiences.

Data-Driven Refreshes: How to Stop Video and CTV Ad Fatigue

Video creative is by far the most engaging ad format. Whether it’s on social or Connected TV, these audio- and visual-rich ads excel at driving consumer action. That is, until the audience sees the same ad over, and over, and over again. Video ad fatigue is real—so how can you ensure your video creative stays fresh and generates results?

Join MNTN’s Brittany Haskins, Director of Customer Success and QuickFrame’s Alex Villa, Associate VP of Customer Success as they detail the science behind refreshing video and CTV creative. They’ll cover everything from timing, to testing, to monitoring the right kinds of performance data. Discover how to implement a data-driven creative approach that unlocks creative refreshes when they’re needed most—and keep your campaign performance strong.

How to update your social media strategy for 2023 (another 8 minute strategy MASTERCLASS!)

Soooo? How did your social media marketing strategy go last year? Time to find out! And while you’re at it, update your tactics for 2023. Karolina is going to walk you through the 5 steps we use here at Hootsuite to audit our social strategy and make sure it’s is ON POINT for the new year. (Especially 2023.)

�� Is it time to run a full social media audit? Read the blog!:
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�� Keep your eyes peeled for our 2023 Social Media Trends video, dropping soon! (Someone remind me to come back and add a link here, pls lol)

⚡️OH AND CLICKY: Grab your FREE Hootsuite Pro trial:

0:00 Rapidfire questions about social media strategy with Karolina!
1:22 How to update your social media marketing strategy in 5 steps
1:28 Step 1: Take a look at your business goals
2:08 Step 2: Review your social media goals
2:57 Step 3: Look at what’s worked and what hasn’t in your strategy
5:48 Step 4: Adapt and refresh your content pillars
6:49 Step 5: Create a plan for content creation

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DO THIS To Get 1M+ Views on YouTube Shorts EVERY TIME YOU POST (2023 Update)

This video shows you how to get more views on youtube in 2023. If you want to skyrocket your views on YouTube and get 1M+ views every time you post this video is for you. Essentially, it’ll give you all the tools you need to increase your views on youtube as a small channel.

Register for the YouTube Shorts Mentorship Program and grow on YouTube GUARANTEED (LIMITED SPOTS):

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7 Ways to Easily Set Up an SEO Content Strategy


7 Ways to Easily Set Up an SEO Content Strategy

Create meaningful, effective content that drives quality traffic to your website. Learn how to develop a winning SEO content strategy.

seo strategy for ecommerce website & 7 SEO Tips for eCommerce Website | Why SEO Is Important

seo strategy for ecommerce website & 7 SEO Tips for eCommerce Website | Why SEO Is Important for eCommerce Websites

for more click here :

Whether we speak of old school shopping or the new in town eCommerce wave, the only way customers can reach the place of business is if they can locate the store easily.

Internet thrives on search. Millions of search strings make their way into the internet ecosystem each day. There’s no point in spending money on a fancy website and stocking up on best products at awesome prices if your site isn’t featuring on the first page in Google.

That is where SEO efforts come into the picture. People are more likely to find you, if you have a higher search rank. And the more traffic, higher the probability of making sale.

When it comes to SEO for an online shop, “one size fits all” strategy does not work. Online shopping websites need to carefully assess the needs of their business and plan accordingly. Here are a few tips to help towards making that all-important decision.

The effective keywords

Invest some time and money to identify the most appropriate keywords for your online store. Users tend to be very specific while doing a keyword search. Ensure that the keywords used in your online shopping website’s SEO aren’t too generic. Or else, visitors simply won’t be able to find you.

No duplicate content

Be as original as possible in your product descriptions tags. That’s probably the most important step in eCommerce SEO. Since content duplication in eCommerce stores is inevitable with product descriptions and lists, it is advisable to look for ways to reduce redundancy.

Don’t copy-paste the manufacturer’s product description, take some time to build your own. It may give you a mild headache, but it will save you a migraine later. Ensure that each product description is unique and search engine friendly.

Pay Per Click

Pay per click is the necessary tool in the SEO of online shops. However, it is advisable to not rely on it entirely to create visibility. PPC costs continue to rise with each search and as soon as you stop paying for placement, your online presence disappears. Some customers do not trust sponsored links, banners, and other ads. Therefore, organic SEO is essential along with PPC for online shopping website to improve visibility.

Strengthen your content strategy

Keep adding unique and high quality content regularly to your eCommerce Portal. It will help with your search engine ranking, and an added value for users. Consider having a blog and add relevant content that’s related to products and services on your website.

Optimize images

Use ALT tags liberally on your website. Image search function has gained a lot of popularity and people are using it to find products. Your eCommerce SEO strategy needs to incorporate related keywords for ALT tags of every image on the website. Don’t stuff keywords; ensure that every keyword used is directly relevant.

Meta descriptions for webpages

For onsite eCommerce SEO, use a different meta descriptions for each page. Meta descriptions are written for humans with the purpose of helping to get visitors to your online store once it shows up in search engines.

Remember to optimize anchor text

Use keywords for internal links on your website. This will help enhance your visibility in search engines. Consider doing the same for product descriptions by linking them to other similar products on your website.

Article Source:


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#seo_strategy_for_ecommerce_website #ecommercewebsite #seo #seo_strategy_2019 #seo_strategy #seo_strategy_for_ecommerce

How To Create An SEO Content Strategy

Create an SEO content strategy

Content marketing has become a vital part of any company’s marketing strategy.
It’s what drives your audience to your website and keeps them engaged with you for long periods of time.

So, a well-designed content marketing strategy will help you:

• stay ahead of competitors in the market,

• generate more leads and customers,

• improve your brand image, and

• increase customer loyalty.

A content strategy has had to evolve over the years.

It’s not just about keywords and links anymore!

Creating a sustainable content strategy is about firstly understanding your user’s behaviour.

With this insight you’ll then be able to:

• create unique content that users will want to engage with

• drive targeted traffic to your website and designated platforms

• increase conversions with tangible content

This means resources will be focused, reducing any time, money and promotional efforts wasted on dead content.

Join us to talk about how an SEO content strategy, created n HubSpot, can help you achieve your goals.

After the HUG you’ll be able to:

• define your goals conduct persona research

• run a content audit and fully understand your CMS

• determine content type and generate ideas

• publish, promote, and manage your content

• repurpose content based on your needs

All this plus, creating a link-building plan, how to compress media before uploading, and measuring and tracking your content’s success.

Take the guesswork out of content creation and form a mighty content strategy to elevate your marketing efforts, generate leads and increase your ROI.

Link Building For Local SEO Simplified (7 Strategies)

Looking to rank higher in Google for a specific local area? Then listen in as I share 7 simple yet proven ways to do local link building for you or your client’s businesses.

Check Out the Full Article

Up your outreach conversion by 64% with this simple hack

Breakdown of the FOMO strategy to get free, high-power backlinks by leveraging social proof

In this video, you’ll find..

00:00 Introduction
00:15 Relevance Is Important

**7 Ways to Build Whitehat Backlinks**
00:50 Directory Citations
01:07 Guest Posting
01:29 Outreach for Link Insertions
02:07 Get On The Top 10 Lists In The Area
02:21 Unlinked Brand Mentions
02:36 Create An Expert Roundup
02:54 Vendor Partner Links

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For more Link Building Strategies, check out this Playlist:

Content Writing for SEO: How to Create Content that Ranks in Google

In this video, you’ll learn how to do content writing for SEO that engages your audience, satisfies search engines, and drives consistent traffic.

Additional Blogging and Content Marketing Resources

SEO For Beginners: A Basic Search Engine Optimization Tutorial for Higher Google Rankings ►

Keyword Research Tutorial: From Start to Finish ►

Keyword Research Tutorials for SEO ►

Link Building Tutorials (Step-By-Step) ►

How to Measure Keyword Difficulty and Rank on Google ►

Blogging Tips for Beginners That Actually Work ►

How to Write a Blog Post That Actually Gets Traffic ►

What is Content Marketing and How to Crush It on a Tiny Budget ►
Whether you’re writing for your own site or for a client, you should have 2 objectives for your content.

► The content should drive traffic to the site.
► The content should turn people into customers or push them further down the sales funnel.

With these objectives in mind, here’s a simple process to achieve both of these goals.

The first step is to write about topics people are searching for.

Most people like to write about topics that excite them. But these posts often have a short shelf life.

When you create content around topics that people are searching for, then you get the opposite effect: free, passive and consistent traffic that usually grows over time.

How do you do this? This video will show you how.

The second step is to assess the type of content Google wants you to create.

Google’s job is to deliver the most relevant results for any given search query. And they do a pretty good job at this.

So naturally, if you want to rank for your target topic, then you need to know the type of content Google will rank for that query.

This is called search intent. Watch the video to find out how to determine search intent from any query.

Step three is to create a data-driven outline.

Content is like a puzzle. There are a lot of different pieces and it’s tough to assemble without some kind of framework. Outlines are like the edge pieces of the puzzle. They help to form the base and all you need to do is fill in the missing pieces.

They also help make sure you’re including all critical points worth communicating on the topic.

This video will show you how to easily create a blog post outline.

Step four is to create a click-worthy headline.

A headline is important because it’s what stands between you and a visitor. Its main job is to convince people to actually click on your result. Then it’s your content’s job to keep them reading.

Watch the video to learn how to write good headlines.

Step five is to write a killer intro using the AIDA formula.

The introduction is arguably the most important part of your content. Its job is to hook your reader, tell them they’re in the right place, and convince them to keep reading.

Fortunately, there’s a tried and tested formula you can use called AIDA, which you can use.

What does it stand for and how do you use it? Watch the video.

Step six is to make your content actionable and easy to digest.

So your outline should act as a nice skeleton for your post. And to add meat to those bones, you need to do two things.

► Make your content as helpful as possible.
► Make it easy to digest and read by focusing on your communication and writing skills.

Watch the video to learn some tips on how to do this.


1:11 Write about topics people are actually searching for
3:50 Assess the “type” of content Google will rank
5:18 Create a data-driven outline
7:15 Create a click-worthy headline
8:04 Write a killer intro using the AIDA formula
9:47 Make your content actionable and easy to digest
11:25 Get unfiltered feedback

#contentwritingforseo #contentwriting #contentmarketing

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Optimize Your CTA: Better Alternatives To ‘Click Here’


Optimize Your CTA: Better Alternatives To ‘Click Here’

If you're tired of using "Click here" as your primary call to action, here's how to optimize your links for people and search engines.

STOP Using Linktree! Use THESE Apps Instead

Try Mailjet for free:


More Linktree alternatives:

Is it time to STOP using Linktree? There are so many better options than Linktree, but many users rely on Linktree simply because of its popularity. You should use these apps instead.

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0:00 – Why Linktree Is NOT a Good Option
2:53 – Comparing Linktree Alternatives
3:03 –
4:07 – Koji
6:20 –
8:32 – Linkpop
10:40 – Which Bio Link App is Best?

Affiliate link disclosure: most of my videos include affiliate links in the description. When you click an affiliate link, I may receive a commission for any products or services you purchase through that link. It doesn’t cost you anything extra, and in some cases, you may receive a discount through my links. All my opinions are 100% honest, and you are welcome to purchase things by finding them on your browser instead of my links. Thank you for supporting the channel!

Instantly Increase The CTR on Your Facebook Ads and Pay Way Less Per Click

Improving you Facebook ad CTR is a quick way to make your ads significantly cheaper. Working to improve your Facebook ad click through rate is one of the best ways to spend your time if you want to lower your costs.

With constantly rising CPM’s, it’s more important than ever to focus on improving your CTR. If more of the people who see your ad actually go ahead and click on it, your costs will be much lower.

In this video you’ll learn my best tips for lowering your FB ad click-through rate. The best part is, a lot of these tips are actually quite easy to implement but have a bit impact on your CTR.

The same applies to Instagram ad CTR as well. Everything you learn in this video also applies to Instagram ads.

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#facebookads #ctr #digitalmarketing

Skyrocket Your Landing page Conversion Rates in 6 Easy Steps | Tips from B2B Expert Alex Berman

This video is sponsored by SwipePages:
Boost your website’s conversion rates in no time with these 6 powerful tips from B2B expert Alex Berman. Dive deep into the art of crafting compelling headlines, call-to-actions, leveraging social proof, and much more! Unlock the secrets to turning visitors into loyal customers and dramatically increase your website’s performance.

In this exclusive video, Alex shares insider tips on how to transform your website into a conversion machine. Learn how to engage your audience, optimize for mobile, improve your site speed, and experiment with A/B testing. Plus, get a look at how Swipe Pages can help you create stunning, conversion-focused landing pages.

Use code YT20 to get 30% off on your first three months with Swipe Pages. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your website to the next level.

Follow Alex Berman on Instagram for more unique content:

0:00 – Introduction
1:03 – Crafting Strong Headlines
3:15 – Creating Compelling Call to Actions
5:30 – Using Social Proof
7:30 – Mobile Optimization
9:30 – Swipe Pages Brief Overview
11:30 – Conclusion

Don’t forget to subscribe and click the bell to stay updated with the latest tips on cold emailing, B2B, lead generation, SaaS, and agency growth!

Stay connected and explore more:
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#WebsiteConversion #ConversionOptimization #AlexBerman #SwipePages #LandingPages #MobileOptimization #LeadGeneration #B2B #SaaS #AgencyGrowth

How to Make a Beautiful Landing Page That Converts | 5 Tips for Optimizing Your Website (2023)

Discover How to Make a Landing Page Or Website That Converts Get FREE access to “The One-Page Marketing Cheatsheet” here:

Driving more traffic, more clicks, and more people to your website or landing page doesn’t mean a thing if once they get there all they do is take a quick look, come to the conclusion that what you have isn’t for them, and then disappear never to be seen again.

Yet sadly, this is exactly what most sites and pages do. Scare people away. Often forever.

In fact, depending on what statistic you look at, or what industry you’re in, the average is that when someone visits your site for the first time, somewhere around 95% to 98% percent of them will never be back.

In other words, for every 100 people that see what you have to offer, only a few of them stick around to hear what you have to say. And that ain’t good.

So in this video I’m going to show you how to create a high converting landing page that looks good, works good, and that you can create in as little as a few minutes.

So, let me show you how it’s done.

��Click here to download for free my 2 highest converting landing page templates… EVER:

***PS – Whenever you’re ready, here are the 2 best ways I can help you…
1) The One-Page Marketing Cheatsheet:

#marketing #digitalmarketing #marketingstrategy

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Reading List:
Marketing Course:

10 Local SEO Tips to Improve Your Real Estate Websites


10 Local SEO Tips to Improve Your Real Estate Websites

Competition is fierce in the real estate niche. Use these 10 tips to help build a strong SEO foundation – and dominate local search.

10 Tips To Optimize Your Real Estate Content For Local Search

► 3 Videos EVERY agent should be producing for their market:

► 3 Free Marketing Courses for Real Estate Agents:

► Schedule a demo with us:

The Anatomy Of A Perfectly SEO Optimized Real Estate Website:

#EAPTV: Ranking in local searches is crucial for real estate businesses that are trying to succeed online. In this video, we’ll go over 10 tips you can use to rank in local search results by optimizing your content. These tips are easy to follow along with and will go a long way to helping you show up in searches more frequently.

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EAP Tips:
More Videos:

Easy Agent Pro helps real estate agents grow their business. They’ve been featured on Inman, RIS Media, RESAAS, and more. You can find new marketing tips, tricks, tactics and strategies at EasyAgentPro.

#EAPTV is one source of real estate marketing tips for real estate agents. We are focused on providing as much value as possible by talking about social media, websites, lead generation, lead conversion, and business.

Easy Agent Pro is the maker of LeadSites ►

LeadSites are real estate websites that provide the best tools and apps for agents to generate leads in a modern, digital world. Check them out today.


10 Local SEO Tips for Property Managers | Real Estate Marketing

⇗LocalSEO #LocalServicesAds #LocalSearchEngineOptimization #RealEstateMarketing In this video, Ryan Steinolfson and …
#seo #seotips

SEO For Real Estate: Tips, Tricks & Strategies

Link to Google My Business:

In the second video of our SEO for Industries series, we dive deep into the world of real estate SEO. Use these advanced SEO techniques to get better traffic and visibility for your website and real estate listings.

00:00 Introduction
1:22 Tip 1 Claiming Your GMB Listing
3:04 Tip 2: Using Zillow for Higher Google Rankings
3:55 Tip 3: Creating City-Specific Content
5:34: Tip 4: Guest Posting and Backlinks
6:36 Bonus Tip: Schema Markup

Tip 1: Claim Your Google My Business Listing

A Google My Business listing helps you massively when it comes to local searches. Claiming your Google My Business listing is one of the first steps in ensuring you appear on the knowledge panel on Google SERPs, on Google’s 3 Pack, and Google Maps.
To claim your GMB listing, just head over to Google My Business (check the link above) and create your business profile. We also share a few industry secrets on how to create citation accounts on other platforms to maximize your visibility in search.

Tip 2: Use Zillow to rank higher on Google

Zillow is a market leader when it comes to online real estate. In 2018 alone, they received 7.10 billion annual visitors on their websites and apps. In this video, we show you how to create your profile on Zillow, and optimize it to maximize your visibility. With Zillow having such a huge market share, there’s a good chance this is where your clients will first find you.

Tip 3: Go big with your real estate blog and create city-specific content

Creating highly informative city-specific content can really help you with your marketing funnel. Blogs that talk about different cities and localities in detail help your prospective customers make a better decision. By providing useful information to people when they’re in the research stage, you’re establishing trust and authority for your business. And it increases the likelihood of these users coming back to you when they’re in the decision stage. In this video, we walk you through a real-world example of a winning real estate blog that guides users along the sales funnel.

Tip 4: Guest posting on real estate blogs

Guest blogs are a tried-and-tested method for effective link building. What you have to do is identify reputable publishers within the real estate industry and reach out to them to see if they’re looking for someone to contribute great content. Most publishers are hungry for quality content since there’s only so much their in-house team can create.
Guest blogs can be a great way to get backlinks that point back to your site. If your content is really good, you will be able to publish it on some of the biggest names in your niche and get backlinks from authoritative websites. Just make sure you’re earning organic backlinks from relevant publishers in your niche.

Tip 5: Implement Real Estate Schema Markup

Schema markup refers to little snippets of code that “tell” Google how to display your page information on SERPs. There are different types of schema codes that you can use. Studies have shown that pages that use schema markup get a 20-25% higher click-through rate in search. As a realtor, you need to implement schema specifically in two key areas of your website. The first is your business’ listing which includes opening hours, contact details, and more. And the second one is the Product Schema on your property listings. In this video, we walk you through some great examples of schema markup being deployed by real estate giants.

Link Building HQ

At Link Building HQ, our goal is to provide the most relevant and up-to-date information to search engine marketers.

Visit our website: more amazing tips.

10 Local SEO Tips for Property Managers | Real Estate Marketing

#LocalSEO #LocalServicesAds #LocalSearchEngineOptimization #RealEstateMarketing
In this video, Ryan Steinolfson and Crystal Horton share 10 tips for improving your local SEO to help get more leads as a real estate agent.


0:00 Intro
1:33 Add Chat to your Website
4:59 What’s Schema?
6:54 Create & Connect Your Social Media accounts to your website.
8:10 Create & Connect Youtube Channel to Website and Embed videos on Website
12:06 Start Off-Page Optimization with Link Building
15:43 Claiming Top 72 Additional Directories
17:37 On-Page Optimization of Website
19:25 Get your Business on Google (Google My Business, Google Maps) & Get more Reviews
24:15 Run an SEO Audit
28:13 Conclusion

����‍♂️ Does your business need help on Google?

�������� ���� ���������������� ���� ������-������-�������� ���� ������ ������ ������������������ ���������������� ������

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